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You might have observed constipation in your baby and wonder what treatment can stop them completely. Maybe you’ve visited your GP and got Lactulose or Movicol which you’ve been using for years.

But homeopathic remedies are completely treatments that you can use to prompt your baby’s body to take control of pooing. So rather than sticking to only conventional medications, you can support the treatment with homeopathic remedy for constipation in babies.

How does homeopathy tackle constipation in babies?

Homeopathy looks into the cause of constipation or your child’s difficulty in pooing. And it offers remedies that are particular to the symptoms expressed by your child.

That said, you might wonder what causes constipation. Well several factors can cause constipation in babies, including:

  • Transitioning from breast to weaning
  • Moving house
  • The arrival of a new sibling
  • Starting school

Constipation can lower immunity and allow more toxins in the body. More so, it can impede development and prevent proper nutrient assimilation. This means that constipation can lead to poor growth, and your baby tends to become a picky eater. Hence, constipation has a huge effect on your baby’s overall health.

However, whatever the cause of constipation, homeopathic remedies can help a great deal.

Homeopathic remedy for constipation in babies

Below are some homeopathic remedies that work effectively for constipation in babies and infants:


This helps where the baby is irritable with constipation. Lots of burping and farting. They seem never to get filled instead of having a poor appetite. So they tend to eat a lot and get hungry even at night time.

Babies also become fussy and clingy in general from the discomfort, and their stomach will be as hard as a rock.


This homeopathic remedy is useful if your baby acts indifferent despite being constipated, and the bowel just seems inactive. Most times, you notice sweats round the back of your baby’s head, and they look chubby and contented.

They are scared of the dark and prone to have nightmares with high fevers.

They may be sensitive to milk protein or lactose and have trouble digesting milk. Constipation may also follow teething or not.


This is the best homeopathic remedy for constipated babies that looks impatient or determined. Your baby is independent and not clingy but tends to get frustrated with developmental hurdles than other babies.

You can also give your baby this remedy if you’ve given them any conventional medicine that seems to upset their system- may be a laxative to produce a bowel movement. Your baby tries to push but nothing comes out after all efforts.


You can give silica when your baby’s stool is hard, small, and dark, and it takes a lot of effort to push them out. The stool comes partway out and then go back in again. Babies tend to undergo lots of unsatisfactory trips to the loo, with lots of pushing.

Sometimes, small tears in the anus (fissures). This comes with pain and babies become reluctant to poo. The result is an aggravated situation.

This homeopathic remedy is also suitable if constipation coincides with teething that is slow and difficult. It’s also effective if your baby has reduced appetite (can be aggravated by breast milk) or there are not gaining any significant weight.


Stubborn constipations were brought on by ailment from fright for the mother (frightening delivery). This works to treat constipation caused by prolonged and difficult delivery.

It can also be as a result of fright or fear during the pregnancy for the mother. Other factors include paralysis of the peristaltic movement, the inaction of the intestines.

Your baby has no desire, no urge to stool, so the feces becomes solid and impacted in the bowels. And when passed, they are often hard, dry, and little, black balls.

In worst cases, gas may build up in the upper part of the intestines.


This homeopathic remedy for constipation in babies for cases where your baby gets a feeling of dryness in the rectum- stools sit around for a long time. Large dry stools that are difficult to push out, with tearing and sticking pains. The baby feels out of sorts or grouchy and may become tensed easily.

They become thirsty for large volumes of water. They want to be out when home, and when they’re home, they want to go out.

Other Useful Tips for Treating Constipation in Babies:

  • Rock your baby back and forth on the loo four to five times. This can help improve their condition and get them going.
  • You can distract your little one by getting them to blow bubbles while they are on the loo. Besides, this action helps to exercise the same muscles which they use for pushing while pooing.
  • Pears are one great food to add to your baby’s diet to promote poo! Other foods like watermelon, oats, prunes, fresh fruits, and veg, in general, are all great to relieve constipation.
  • Try raising your baby’s feet slightly to improve their position for pooing.
  • You can use infant formula probiotic to help restore friendly bacteria in the bowel, thereby boosting bowel health. You can mix these infant probiotics with yogurt for babies that are older and on solids.
  • Nursing mothers need to check their diet and be sure their babies are not sensitive to dairy or cow’s milk. Also, they should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Eat plenty of juicy foods and fruits to maintain an adequate supply of breast milk. And avoid too much fiber in your diet if your baby is constipated.

Final Remark

Constipation in babies is quite common and it is often caused by many factors as shown above. But you can use homeopathic remedies for constipation in babies. These remedies above are some of the most effective you can get but note that homeopathy is individualized, so it may vary from patient to patient.

Homeopathy often acknowledges the cause of constipation after much discussion with you, but the remedy will support the body to act for itself.

So, couple with your conventional medicines, you can get homeopathic remedy for constipation in your baby as a form of complementary treatment. You don’t have to continue taking prescriptions lasting for months.

You can consult us at Morkare Natural Clinic to determine the cause of constipation in your baby, and learn more about homeopathic treatments that are most suitable for your baby’s unique symptoms.

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