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The early years of a child’s life are the most critical times. It is important to manage the child’s diet, height, and growth during these periods. Weight gain is also a major aspect to consider in a child’s early years because underweight is common among babies.

That’s one of the reasons why it is important to give children a well-balanced diet- it matters in the development of a baby both physically and mentally.

But besides food, there are lots of homeopathic remedies/supplements that help to treat the root cause behind your baby’s ability to bulk up.

Common causes of slow weight gain in babies

Several factors can hinder weight gain in babies, from a medical, social, or financial condition. However, anything that disrupts a child’s access to food or the ability to digest food can slow down weight gain.

The common causes of slow weight gain in babies include:

  • Premature birth – The muscles used for sucking and swallowing are not fully developed, making it hard for your child to feed.
  • Metabolic disorders: conditions like galactosemia, hypoglycemia, or phenylketonuria can disrupt the ability of the baby’s body to convert food into energy.
  • Down syndrome: This condition interferes with a baby’s ability to suck and swallow
  • Gastroesophageal reflux: This can cause frequent vomiting in babies
  • Food allergies: Babies with food allergies or intolerance cannot eat too much without feeling ill.
  • Diarrhea: Babies suffering from chronic diarrhea hardly get the good nutrition needed to gain weight.

Other social and financial factors that can cause slow weight gain include household stress, poverty, poor food preparation death, etc.

What is the expected rate of weight gain in babies?

One of the most severe conditions any baby can face is early childhood malnutrition. Hence, it is important to find out whether or not your child is malnourished. This is the first step in tackling underweight in babies.

However, the best way to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy weight gain in a child is to use the WHO standards for baby growth as a benchmark.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association uses the same standards as the WHO for baby’s growth. And the standards for weight gain and weight loss for babies are as follows:

  • Every newborn loses 5-10% of their birth weight within the first week after birth.
  • Within the first three weeks of delivery, a newborn begins to put on the lost weight
  • Within the first 3-4 months, babies double their birth weight
  • A baby girl can stay up to sixteen months before reaching the triple of their birth weight, while a baby boy can gain up to three times their birth weight before age one.
  • Your baby’s birth length should increase 1 ½ time within the first year
  • Before or around your baby’s first birthday, their head’s circumference is expected to increase by almost 11 inches.

Note that these guidelines above are based on a UN study, and you can expect to see variations in your baby’s growth.

However, if your baby does not fall into these standards, it is advisable to contact your doctor to get a better understanding of whether not your baby is growing naturally.

Homeopathic Tips for Baby Weight Gain

Homeopathic remedies/supplements help your baby to gain weight faster in a healthy manner. Below are some of the best homeopathic remedies that you can give your baby (based on the recommendation of a homeopath) to help them gain weight:

Natrum Mur

This homeopathic remedy is naturally found in the sea. It is a common salt that works for when the baby is in an incubator or when the mother is absent (maybe dead).

Natrum Mur is effective when there is a poor bonding between the mother and the baby, which may cause a delay in growth and weight gain. It plays a vital role to support weight gain when the child shows the following:

  • The child an undying thirst for water
  • The child is hungry but still loses muscles
  • The child is worse in a warm room and at the seashore
  • The child feels better bathing with cold water or when left in the open air.

This homeopathic remedy is also suitable when the child has chronic malaria cases that are associated with weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, and weight loss.


This plant is popular for its huge medicinal benefits, especially in the world of homeopathy. It is an effective remedy that works to improve appetite, boost digestion, nourish the body, thus resulting in weight gain.


This homeopathic remedy is suitable for babies with a light complexion and a tiny chest, whose immune system is poor and has a tendency to catch a cold easily.

Tuberculinum is appropriate when no other remedy is working and the child display characteristics such as:

  • Constantly changing symptoms
  • A high desire for cold milk
  • Rapid emaciation
  • Calmness in the open air

This homeopathic remedy helps to improve both appetite and immunity.


If your baby has a high basal metabolic rate and is underweight despite a good appetite, Iodine is the best homeopathic remedy for this condition. It is also good for babies that have an excessive thirst for water.

Most importantly, Iodum is very effective in thin, dark-complexioned children, diagnosed with enlarged glands.

Calcarea Phosphorica

This homeopathic remedy is suitable for anemic children. It helps to treat feeble digestion and even difficulty in joining fractured bones. You can use this remedy for babies that have suffered from a wasting disease that took a toll on their health. It helps to boost weight gain efficiently.

Final Remark

Babies need to maintain a healthy weight while growing, but several factors, such as those listed above can slow down baby weight gain. However, you can use the homeopathic tips for baby weight gain above to treat conditions that may hinder normal growth and development.

But in all, it is good to consult your homeopath before administering any homeopathic remedy to your underweight baby. Remember, babies are tender to you need to get the appropriate treatment that is needed to treat their condition.

You can consult Morkare Natural Clinic for more Homeopathic tips for baby weight gain.

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