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About Australia’s Leading Homeopath: Shenaz

I am a 3rd generation medical consultant in my family, and we’ve been serving people for the last century. Diagnosis and observation skills come to me naturally and I  am known for my thorough approach. This is how all my approach is structured.  I make sure I read all reports given and take every information given to prepare a health plan. I feel it’s very necessary to educate all my clients about their health so they feel more informed and can get better compliance. I even provide relaxation and mindfulness during consultation to anxious and fatigued clients so they can walk out of the consultation feeling refreshed. I can say with confidence that I am very result driven and hence work with other allied health practitioners (if needed) to get the desired results. People from different walks of life including people from other medical profession trust me with their health and their family’s health.

One of the proudest moments for me is when I treat a family for conception, help throughout pregnancy, help through labour, see the child right from infant stage and continue to see them grow and help them throughout every stage of life. Ah, this sums up how much I love what I do. 

My Story

Meet Shenaz, the Homeopath in Brisbane

This is snippets of who I am, why I love Homeopathy and how I got to that stage of “falling in love” and why people love me.

Since I come from a family of 7 doctors, so caring for people’s health is my second nature. I am very blessed that I have had such good education and training with the best hospitals and homeopathic medical colleges to give me a variety of exposure to different health conditions. It taught me humility and care to people’s suffering. This is what has made me to become that person who tries her best even today to provide some relief as health is an important asset. I am blessed to have my own clinic where I can reflect my values of care, compassion and best service everyone deserves. I look forward to providing my 100% to everyone who comes to see me. I have this deep drive to wanting each client to walk out of the room feeling healed.

Most people do not realise how stress, anxiety and negative beliefs can affect their personal health and family health. As a health provider, I feel it is imperative to provide education and tips on how to break certain habits in order to get results quickly. I advice on sleeping patters, neurotransmitters, mindfulness, diet, nutrition and everything else that aids in healing. I do have a fair knowledge of other allied health practices such as traditional Ayurveda, traditional Chinese Medicine and other and refer if needed.

I see many mums coming for their kids treatment and I’ve noticed that they neglect their own health. The sad thing is that children pick up on mum’s condition, especially anxiety. As a caring person by nature,  I always try to get the mum treated while I treat the child too. I have found that I get quicker results this way and the biggest win is that the whole family can be healthier and happier. This is one of the reasons why people come as a family to me, because I care about them and their health.

I also see many people have a stigma that homeopathy is slow. I would like to say that healing depends on each one’s individual response. Children respond within hours because their immune system is more reactive. Also many people come for homeopathy as the last resort. They have suffered for weeks or months before they seek Homeopathy. Since Homeopathy is trying to restore a chronic condition, it can take a few days to recovery. Some people come to us for diseases which are non-treatable and Homeopathy can provide the right palliative care. In such conditions it can take time but that’s how your own body’s healing would work. Homeopathy is not slow. I am personally very impatient and thrive on results.

I have a great passion for treating children. Children have such a sensitive body. Homeopathy is by far the gentlest approach to children’s immune system. I have been successful in treating anything from allergies, eczema, indigestion, colic, teething pain, recurring infections, skin conditions.

I treat many adults for anxiety/ stress, allergies, intolerances, bloating, chronic fatigue, gut pain, Hormonal Imbalance and Menstrual Issues.

I am very thorough in my approach and get my patients to be more in control of their health.

What sets me apart from the rest of the Homeopaths is that I provide education, care, compassion besides just standard consultations and medicines. I believe in research and keep an up to date knowledge about Homeopathy and Nutritional Medicine. I give my 100% to everyone I see. Hence many families trust me for years with their and their families health. Patients travel to see me from far and wide. I have always accommodating and provided my time and energy to people as I value their trust. I work long hours always accommodating people.

I provide Homeopathic remedies, Herbal Concussions, Herbal tablets and Powders based on what suits the clients. I do not take it for granted that my patient compliance rate Is very high hence I get results quicker. I also provide counselling, coaching and mindfulness during my consultation which everyone looks forward too.  We call it MAGIC – Mindfulness, Appreciation, Grounding, Intuition and Counselling.

I am a mum who has 2 children. As a mum I understand how it feels when your loved one is unwell. Any mums who are tired of their kids being sick or anyone who has been sick of being sick, they should look no further. Care and empathy are some core qualities of mine that cannot be fabricated. I am ever thankful for the same.

I perform intolerance tests, heavy metal tests in clinic. I also refer for blood tests, hormonal salivary tests and hair analysis and many other tests that can confirm the condition.

The reason why I work in health industry is because I have a passion for providing happiness. I would like to continue to provide health, comfort, service and happiness to peoples’ lives.

I can call myself a one stop shop to get care, compassion, medicines, help, education, support. My clients say that I am the most trusted, loved and knowledgeable Homeopath in Australia. I worked in many clinics, hospitals in India, Australia and U.A.E. I used to be the President of AAPH – Queensland’s oldest Homeopathic Association representing education and high standards of quality of practice. This very thing I love: The opportunity to impact people’s lives through Homeopathic medicine.

Consult. Educate. MorKare.

Custom Plans & Advice for Your Health Goals

It is not just a holistic consultation that gives you a full-circle result. It is not even just education that takes your health to its next potential. Finally, just care alone doesn’t make you have a better health by the end of the day. It is when these three segments: Consultation, Education & Care combine together in synergy, customised plans to benefit your health is born. We at MorKare are proud to say that we can hit this chord each and every day with each client because the three segments are a true reflection of who Shenaz is. 

My Approach

When I see a client, I provide education, care, compassion besides just high-quality consultations and Homeopathy medicines. I inspect all their past records, I understand them as a person and then I take a call on what plan could benefit their health overall. A holistic Homeopathic approach is what I can call my service to the community as.

Unique Framework

My unique approach is to treat all my clients with the utmost care and to nurture their health journey to have a long term result. I am super passionate about seeing the 360-degree view of each client’s condition and this is what makes me stand-out. My uniqueness is in the way I do each consultation with diligence, dedication anddiscernment.

Living With a Health Condition Can Be Hard, but Getting Treated Doesn’t Have To Be

There is a huge fear in each of us when we think of our health. Especially, when there is a "condition" attached to it. The truth is that Homeopathic medicine is a natural health science that works holistically on the full body and encourages the body to heal naturally. Healing takes place by using natural extracts from various plants, minerals or animals in very small doses. Homeopathy believes in stimulating a person’s own natural immune system to be able to fight infections effectively. This is exactly why getting treated doesn't necessarily have to be as hard as we think. WHO recognizes Homeopathy as the second largest method of treatment. It has been widely accepted and used by people all around the world, especially France, Germany, England, Greece, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Homeopathy Help You?

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicine is a natural health science that works holistically on the full body and encourages the body to heal naturally. Healing takes place by using natural extracts from various plants, minerals or animals in very small doses. Homeopathy believes in stimulating a person’s own natural immune system to be able to fight infections effectively.

Is Homeopathy popular?

WHO recognizes Homeopathy as the second-largest​ method of treatment. It has been widely accepted and used by people all around the world, especially France, Germany, England, Greece, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa. According to a 2015 survey of French medical doctors, a very impressive 95% of French pediatricians, dermatologists, and general practitioners were found to prescribe​ homeopathic medicines in 2012 according to the French government’s database on drugs prescribed (Family Practice, 2015). Approximately 40% of the French public have used homeopathic medicines, and 39% of the French physicians have prescribed the medicines. About 20% of German physicians occasionally utilize these natural medicines, and 45% of Dutch physicians consider them effective. According to a survey in the British Medical Journal (June 7, 1986), 42% of British physicians survey refer patients to homeopathic physicians, and a New York Times article reported that visits to British homeopaths are​ growing at a rate of 39% a year. Homeopathy is also growing very rapidly in the United States. Market research shows that sales of homeopathic medicines have grown at a rate of 10-20% per year during the past ten years.

Is Homeopathy safe for Sensitive people?

Homeopathy is not very invasive as its working on the body's own healing process. The medicines derived in Homeopathy are from natural sources. Homeopathy medicine are diluted enough to still be working without having the toxic effect of the crude substance. Hence it is very effective for sensitive people. At Morkare we see quite a few sensitive people and we tailor make our homeopathic remedy to suit the needs.

Is Homeopathy safe for Pregnant women?

Yes, Homeopathic remedies are mild and gentle and can be used during all the 3 stages of pregnancy. Homeopathic remedies have been used widely for pregnancy and pregnancy related symptoms such as morning sickness and labour preparations.

Can I continue taking medicines prescribed by my GP/ Specialist if I am taking Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complementary medicine aiming to assist with healing. At Morkare we believe there is a place for everything and understand well and truly the need for conventional medicine. We would like to support and work along with your doctor / specialist to help you achieve your health goals. If you are on specific medications, please discuss with the Homeopath at the appointment. Conventional medicine would not counter attack any homeopathic medicines or vice - versa.

Can Homeopathy prevent a surgery?

Homeopathy stimulates natural healing. If at all there has been a degenerative or structural change in the body scope of Homeopathic remedies are limited. At Morkare we encourage you to seek help from our Homeopath before it's too late. Medicines can help heal if the injury is 1st or early 2nd degree. At the same time, Homeopathic remedies are useful for pre and post-surgery​ treatment and help in improving recovery time. At Morkare, we provide our Pre and Post Op Support Drops which have been effectively used by many.

Are Homeopathy remedies recommended for Newborns and Infants?

At Morkare, our Homeopaths have worked over a decade on infants, children and pregnant mums effectively using Homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies such as Chamomile and Arnica have been used widely for centuries by lots of mothers for their infants and children.

What to expect in a consultation?

During your appointments, I will provide a natural and supportive approach making sure you are being heard, attended to your needs and give appropriate advice​. Because of my extensive education and training, I am qualified and experienced to read most blood tests reports and scans. So please bring in all your reports before the first appointment. I will be gathering all your symptoms at the appointment starting from the most pressing issues. I look at the person as a whole and hence will also be inquiring​ about other systems even if they are normal. I may also be examining you and looking at your condition to confirm the findings. After a detailed investigation and understanding, I will share my knowledge and experience about your health condition and design a health plan. I will educate you about your health. If there are further investigations or tests required, I could do it ourselves or refer you.

Has Homeopathy been used to treat both acute as well as chronic long standing conditions?

In an acute case, if the homeopathic treatment has been taken at an early stage of a disease, the recovery time is very rapid. We have seen cases where children and adults have recovered within days and sometimes hours. We understand how important it is for our patients to feel better soon and hence work on supporting dominant symptoms as well as work on the ​general immune system. We also see cases where people have not been well for a while and seek help as they are fed-up. In such cases, the disease or deficiency may have progressed for a long time. Body’s natural response to recovery may be slower. Having said that we would still work as hard and give it the best support to create a ​good response within a reasonable amount of time.

Why am I the right Homeopath for you?

A good Homeopath alike any health practitioner is the right one for you based on experience, knowledge, qualifications, and passion. I am a qualified Homeopath registered to practice in India, UAE, ​and Australia. I have been practicing​homeopathy​y in​ Australia since 2005 and worked as the President in the ​Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths for 3 years. I have studied Homeopathy over 5 and half year full time course in a Homeopathic Medical College in Mumbai, India My degree in India is recognised by Indian Government as a medical degree as it involves intense study of subjects including Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Surgery, Gynaecology, Preventive and Social Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Embryology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, ENT, Dermatology, Clinical Medicine along with Homeopathic Pharmacy and Materia Medica. Besides the studi,​es we also have to attend clinics and hospital visits observing and studying many patients from Respiratory, Psychology, Renalogy, Surgery, Accidents and Burns Unit, Pediatrics and Gynaecology Departments. My one year Internship program was intense including 12 hour work days and doing anything from observation of surgeries to examining pregnant women to assisting senior doctors in their busy clinics. We would be averaging around 50 to 100 patients a day. I am one of the lucky few who have been observing and assisting a well known doctor right from childhood. My Dad is a loved physician practicing in the heart of Mumbai. He loves what he does and he works 7 days a week 10 hours a day. He chooses to never slow down.
He has taught me the art of observation, kindness, empathy and value of human life. Hence I am proudly following his footsteps helping people to reach optimal health. My Grandad was also a doctor who started his first clinic on 2nd July 1939. My Dad, My Uncle and My Aunt succeeded his practice. My Uncle is still a practicing doctor is Chicago, Illinois. His sons are also practicing medicine. I am passionate about health and believe in up to date research and education learning to improve my practice and approach every time. I get a real kick from getting people happy and healthy. The best thing about my practice is seeing people getting what they are looking for. My mission is to continue to help support the community and provide natural health support to everyone. I would like to make it easy to access, affordable and recognized​ globally especially to people and places where thereare​s limited health care options.

What is the History of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural health science that was originally founded in the 18th century by a German scientist named Dr.​Samuel Hahnemann. The word Homeopathy is derived from the ​Greek Word “Homios” meaning “Alike” and Pathos” meaning “Disease or Suffering”. The principle of Homeopathy is Similia Similibus Curentur which means “Like cures Like”

What is the difference between Homeopathy and Naturopathy?

Naturopathy and Homeopathy both are natural medicine science. A Naturopath in Australia may have studied Homeopathy and hence can prescribe Homeopathic remedies.
However most Naturopath may usually prescribe Tinctures and Nutritional supplements after a detailed consultation. Although Homeopathic remedies are derived from tinctures, they go through a potentisation process which makes more diluted and enhanced.

What is the difference between Homeopathy Remedies and Herbal Tinctures?

The source from where a Homeopathic remedy is derived is called Mother Tincture. Homeopathy is mostly derived from Plant, Mineral extracts but some from Animal and Human Extracts as well. It is often noted that the action of remedies in the crude (Mother Tincture form) may vary from the potentised Homeopathic form. The Homeopathic form is far more milder. However in certain health conditions a tincture may be accompanied with a Homeopathic medicine.

Are Homeopathy remedies recommended for Newborns and Infants?

At Morkare, our Homeopaths have worked over a decade on infants, children and pregnant mums effectively using Homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies such as Chamomile and Arnica have been used widely for centuries by lots of mothers for their infants and children.

Can I take Nutritional Supplements/ Vitamins or Probiotics while being on Homeopathy?

The answer is Yes! Again, Homeopathy is only being used to assist the natural healing process. At Morkare, we may advise​e on what other nutritional supplements and probiotics you may need to achieve your health goals.

How can Homeopathy work on Mental Health Condition?

In the new era, more and more scientists are finding evidence of the mind-body​ connection. Homeopathy in the 18 century spoke about the need to treat the person as a whole and the importance of enquiring about mental health status while healing the physical health condition. At Morkare, our consultations cater to understanding the physical and emotional needs of a person and we provide the right kind of support and nurturing that would make you feel relaxed calm and refreshed after a consultation. We also provide remedies that further assist is improving mental health status.

How long will it take for my treatment?

Homeopathy is working on a person's natural immune system. The time of treatment depends on a person's natural recovery response. The recovery depends on the disease, the general health of the patient, age of the patient, other medication or supplements the patient may be on and on the general response rate of the patient’s immune system.

Can Homeopathy help with Skin Condition?

Homeopathy has been often selected as a method of treatment for Skin conditions especially eczema, dermatitis, Hives, urticaria and Acne. At Morkare we have seen good results in skin conditions by treating the person as a whole and understanding how the gut functions, immune system, hormonal system and mental health condition are. By creating a balance in all the systems, we have seen healing.

Can Homeopathy help repair the Gut?

Homeopathy boosts up natural healing by working on digestion issues. We often see people suffering from bloating, discomfort and intolerances to food. Through Homeopathy we have seen good results by working on stimulating enzymes, reducing intolerances and repairing the gut.

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